A term, meant to be derogatory, created during the civil unrest towards police officers – where unruly protesters were chanting “F*ck the police and those Bunker B&%ches too!” (Referring to dispatchers). The dispatch culture has embraced the term with pride and in true ReLEntless Defender fashion, we are releasing a design that says it all without violating your departmental profanity policies. The design, of course, uses the term “BUNKER” followed by the initials B&B describing Bitches and Bastards (male and female dispatchers). We included it as a “union” understanding, because of the unification and clarity that all dispatchers are in this together. Finally, we used the fist, a symbol of solidarity and support, holding a headset, because.. that sh!t can go both ways..This decal will NOT fade in the sun and has a LIFETIME Warranty.

SIZE: 5″ x 4″

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