Cancer Warrior – Proceeds Donated


This is the shirt that supports all the “Cancer Warriors” who show the “C” word no mercy. We specifically designed this one for a warrior named Hallie, here is her story:

Hallie Bea Barnard’s story has gone viral thanks to the help from the folks at Humanizing the Badge. Earlier this year she found a bone marrow match after being diagnosed with a very rare bone marrow disorder, Diamond Blackfan Anemia (DBA), at 13 months of age. She is now 10, and has been in treatment and fighting like the warrior she is. Unfortunately she has now developed a tumor on her thigh and is having her leg amputated due to complications from the tumor. Hallie has been a huge fan of Hunger Games due to the thought of having to fight all odds and overcome. So, we have teamed up with Humanizing the Badge an created this design honoring Hallie as she is the epitome of a “Cancer Warrior.” The proceeds from this shirt will be donated to Humanizing the Badge who have pledged to help with her medical, travel, and recovery expenses.


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