Cop Killer gets Embarrassing Bond

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As Friday the 13th dawns on the city Houston, we’re left to question ourselves whether the Harris County DA mistook the date for April Fools instead when he set a bare-minimum bond of $150,000 for accused cop-killer, Tavores Henderson.

Henderson [therealkillahdre1 on IG], who glorified numerous other “bond releases” on homemade videos, appears to have not only murdered one of our own, but has kicked Law Enforcement as a whole right in our teeth. We could highlight his numerous arrests and overall fuckery like other articles have, but by now, we’re all up-to-speed on who Henderson is or who he has pretended to be.

While breaking our spirit may have been Henderson’s intent, and the intent of this politically correct DA, we ask that you stand firm to your foundation, your core beliefs, and the “why” you became a police officer to begin with.

Our hope is that you do not become dismayed by their treacherous actions towards our profession.

Remember that millions count on you despite what those holding political office do post-arrest to pander to the criminals that prey on society.

He could have been released as early as today [December 13, 2019], had not Galveston and Montgomery Counties revoked his bonds on previous charges.

We are society’s lifeline. We are the thin blue line that separates the predator from the prey. Yesterday, today and every day. We are ReLEntless!

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