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Thin Blue Line Hats, Beanies, and Headbands - Sometimes supporting your local law enforcement officers is as easy as wearing a hat. ReLEntless Defender carries an array of police headwear including Thin Blue Line beanies, hats, headbands and more. Within this diverse collection, you’ll discover a variety of unique embroidered designs including the Thin Blue Line and Thin Green Line American Flag symbol, the infamous 1* (One Ass to Risk) symbol, 2* K-9 symbol, and our signature Blue Line Warrior symbol. While flex fit baseball-style caps can be worn year-round, our Thin Blue Line beanies and headbands are designed to keep your head warm so you can represent your pride, loyalty, and respect for the law even in the coldest weather. Regardless of whether you’re out during a snowstorm or the hottest day of the year, be prepared with police headwear from ReLEntless Defender.