The Relentless Defender Foundation


Are you familiar with the ReLEntless Defender foundation?

In addition to ReLEntless Defender creating fundraising shirts for fallen and injured first responders and their families, they also have a 501(c)(3) non-profit that raises funds throughout the year.

One of their current fundraisers, their Childhood Cancer Awareness Month shirt, will be sending the proceeds of this sale to vetted non-profit organizations with a mission of helping in the fight.

This year they have chosen to split the profits between two organizations: Abigail’s Reach and Hallie’s Heroes.

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For those unfamiliar with these two non-profits and the beautiful young ladies they represent, let me introduce them to you.

Pictured below with beautiful dark curls and her larger than live personality in her Freeport Police Department – Texas uniform and cowboy hat, is Officer Abigail Arias. Officer Abigail Arias #758, a Relentless Defender Ambassador, unfortunately succumbed to Cancer on November 5, 2019. Through “Abigail’s Reach” she has continued to assist other children who are having similar health struggles.

Also pictured below is Hallie Bea, (this photo is a few years old) with her buddy Officer Brandi in her Fort Worth PD uniform. After battling Diamond Blackfan Anemia as a child, Hallie was later diagnosed with Osteosarcoma in her leg. Ever the Relentless Warrior, Hallie (with her doctor’s guidance) created a plan to have her leg amputated through a special procedure called a Rotationplasty. This ultimately rid her body of the cancer!

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When one of us hurts, we all hurt..especially when it comes to our precious children.

Both of these girls are absolute warriors, and both are forever part of our Law Enforcement Family.

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