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“Copaganda”, “ACAB”, “F12”….you may have seen these phrases pop up on various Law Enforcement related social media posts or websites, but what do they mean? “Copaganda”, a combination of the words cop and propaganda, is a phenomenon described by critics of law enforcement in which news media and other social institutions promote celebratory portrayals of […]

Teacher Proudly Displays “Defund The Police” poster in classroom with a student who had just lost his brother in the line of duty.

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Imagine walking into your first day of school after spending the summer burying your beloved older brother who was murdered in the line of duty. You’re a kid just trying to navigate grief, knowing that your Police Officer older brother made the ultimate sacrifice for the safety of your community. As you enter the classroom, […]

You’ve Heard of Florida Man, but Have You Seen Florida FIREMAN?

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I guess Miami-Dade Fireman Kevin Newcomb’s panties were just a little too tight when he decided he would jump on the cool train and write disgusting comments about fallen Miami-Dade Police Detective Cesar Echaverry. In a “Whatsapp” group chat, Newcomb wrote:  “Who cares, another dead cop probably against gun control. Cops exist for the government […]

Is PATRIOTISM the latest victim of cancel culture?

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Is PATRIOTISM the latest victim of cancel culture? In an effort to coddle the woke masses, it appears the FBI has declared the classic “don’t tread on me” Gadsden flag to be a symbol for “Militia Violent Extremists” or “MVE” for short. Project Veritas and Gun Owners of America leaked an FBI internal “Domestic Terrorism […]