Is PATRIOTISM the latest victim of cancel culture?

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Is PATRIOTISM the latest victim of cancel culture?

In an effort to coddle the woke masses, it appears the FBI has declared the classic “don’t tread on me” Gadsden flag to be a symbol for “Militia Violent Extremists” or “MVE” for short.

Project Veritas and Gun Owners of America leaked an FBI internal “Domestic Terrorism Symbols Guide” last week, specifying that the Gadsden Flag (along with other symbols of the Revolutionary War) are associated with violent right wing extremists.

(Someone please alert my Drill Sergeant of this immediately…can’t be having any violent association with my kind and gentle army!)

This is all serious by the way. In a world plagued by satire sites, we were really hoping that this was a well executed prank; however, it appears that some at the FBI took a seat, a big breath, and decided that patriotism is not only dead, but it should be brutally murdered.


Sure, the leaked document says that “these symbols may not always mean that the person wearing them is violent” but the damage is already done. It leads me to wonder how badly out of touch the FBI is with American culture and the American people as a whole. Or, a simple American History class isn’t a requirement of being a member of the American Government.

The history of the “Don’t Tread On Me” Gadsden flag is actually quite interesting. The flag was originally designed in 1775 by a Colonel in the Continental Army, Christopher Gadsden, and presented to the Colonial Marines (the American colonies version of the old Navy/Marines). “Don’t Tread On Me” was our American battle cry against the oppressive British Government, and was a symbol for American freedom during the birth of our country.

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If declaring independence from an out of touch and oppressive government is wrong, maybe I don’t want to be right. Which makes me wonder…maybe the FBI isn’t as out of touch as we think.

-Papa Georgio

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  1. Danna Fullen says:

    They’re trying every angle to manipulate people. Sheep, not all but many, can be manipulated… the Patriots the True Patriots will always search for the truth

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