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Officer Fatigue Can Lead to Serious Consequences

Most law enforcement officers wouldn’t fathom the idea of drinking while on the job, much less to the point of intoxication, but when asked to work an extra off-duty gig, the answer is usually “yes!” By now, officer are well aware that lack of sleep can mimic the effects of alcohol-induced drunkenness, yet many departments […]

Let’s start standing for what real sacrifice looks like. Enough of the false narratives already!


It’s interesting that Colin Kaepernick’s newest ad with mega-partner, Nike, shows him looking into an inanimate camera and saying “Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything.” It almost sounds as if Kaepernick is speaking to real everyday heroes: police officer, firefighters, and military personnel, but he isn’t. Kaepernick is addressing those who, like […]