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“Come and Take It – Texas,” a graphic design that stands as a testament to the Lone Star State’s unyielding commitment to safeguard its borders and defend its sovereignty. From our Patriotically Correct Collection, this design captures the essence of Texas defiance in the face of adversity.

In a time when the federal government’s stance on border security remains a point of contention, Texas Governor Gregg Abbott has stood strong, defying orders to remove the barbed wire that protects the state’s interests. “Come and Take It – Texas” symbolizes this unwavering commitment to safeguarding Texas’s sovereignty and preserving its unique identity.

As a part of the Relentless Defender Apparel community, you’re joining like-minded individuals who understand the importance of preserving our borders, upholding our values, and defending our way of life. Texas’s spirit of defiance and independence is alive in every thread of this design.

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