Do you want to be a part of the most recognized and fastest growing Law Enforcement/Patriotic themed clothing brand in the country?

As a company owned and operated by a family of veteran police officers, we feel it’s more important to build relationships with people before ever trying to sell anything.  To help accomplish that goal we have created a ReLEntless Defender Brand Representative Program. Through this program we establish relationships with people who support and embody what ReLEntless Defender stands for & people who have the capability to further the mission through social media and in person. As stated before, we believe in the family; which is the reason we feel everyone who assists in that mission, should be rewarded & should be able to grow with us.


“Not just another clothing company.”


ReLEntless Defender is committed to providing the highest quality apparel and gear to first responders, supporters, and the Patriotically Correct. The primary goal is to be able to fuel the mission of giving back to non-profit causes that support the same.


We insist on our Representatives following these standards:

  • As an Representative of ReLEntless Defender, you will work to spread the Mission.
  • Any time you are representing ReLEntless Defender, you are expected to be courteous and respectful to everyone you interact with.
  • You will not engage in a verbal or physical confrontation while representing ReLEntless Defender.
  • You will not disparage any other apparel company while representing ReLEntless Defender.
  • Must not post or comment any assigned codes to the Official ReLEntless Defender Facebook/Instagram page or groups.


  • Make a minimum of one (1) social media post per week positively representing ReLEntless Defender
  • Share a minimum of one (1) social media post from from the Official ReLEntless Defender Facebook or Instagram page.
  • Make a minimum of two (2) social media posts per month featuring one or more of the following:
    • Wearing ReLEntless Defender apparel
    • Displaying a ReLEntless Defender product
    • Explaining the Mission of ReLEntless Defender

Ready to Join the Team?

Please be patient after submission of your application.  Applications will be reviewed in the order they are received.

Please be as informative as possible when submitting your information.  You can greatly aid in the decision making process by explaining your story and WHY you want to be an Representative for ReLEntless Defender Apparel.

Thank you for your interest in helping growing the MISSION of ReLEntless Defender Apparel.

*Abuse of the personal discount by purchasing products for others outside of the Representative’s household (spouse/significant other or children) can result in termination from the program.